Take a look at what some of our tenants are saying:

"I have been a resident of the Allisons for 3 years and I must say I've had a splendid time. The house is very tidy and the rooms are equipped with everything I need as a student. It's very easy to communicate with the landlords if you have any queries. The location is very convenient, walking distance to the university, bars and restaurants. The rooms look exactly like they do in the pictures. I would absolutely recommend staying here!"
- Kamel, 19 Sutherland Road

"I’ve had an amazing time living at 30 Houndiscombe Road for two years. The rooms are all well decorated and at a very reasonable cost with all bills included, including internet, TV and cleaners. The house is in a great location with only a 2-minute walk until you’re at the campus and a 5-minute walk until you’re at the closest corner shop. There is a large living room and kitchen which has plenty of space for all tenants to use at once. There is a drive situated at the back of the house which has space for two cars. I Would say that this is the perfect house choice for anyone moving into second or third year at Plymouth University, especially if you’re moving in as a large group!"
- Tom, 30 Houndiscombe Road

"I've really enjoyed living here! The location is perfect, with Uni just a two minute walk away and Mutley high street at the end of the road. The landlords are really friendly and are quick to sort any issues we may have. I have found it really helpful that the communal areas are cleaned regularly to a good standard. It is also really useful having the two private car parking spaces outside the back door. "
- Lilly, 30 Houndiscombe Road

"Living at 30 Houndiscombe Road for the last year has been great. The landlords have responded to any issues rapidly and tried their hardest to make sure we all settled in well. The house is situated in a great location a stone's throw away from University and the Mutley highstreet. I've found the neighborhood to be safe and fairly quiet at night. The lounge and kitchen are plenty large enough for everyone in the house with sufficient cupboard space for all of us. We've found the Wi-Fi to have a good range throughout the house and the virgin box making picking a movie in the evening very easy. The washing machine and dryer have been a great luxury compared to halls of residence in the first year of uni. The price of the rooms with the utilities included made this house a great choice and one I have not regretted."
- George, 30 Houndiscombe Road

"I’ve loved living here for the past 2 years, it is in a perfect location being only 2 minutes from the university campus and 5 minutes from the closest supermarket/shop. The house itself is very homely and enjoyable to live in, having every facility needed to have a more than comfortable living space. I would highly recommend this property to any university student as it is both fairly priced and provides high quality living."
- Conor, 30 Houndiscombe Road

"House is in a great location, only 2min walk away from the Uni and also very close to Mutley Plain. Landlady fixes any issues straight away in the house. The house is very well priced considering how good the location is. Also very close to the station. Nothing to complain about at all in the 2 years I've lived there."
- Peter, 30 Houndiscombe Road

"The house is in a great location, it’s only a couple minutes away from uni and Mutley plain is just down the road with loads of shops. The house is spacious with reasonably priced rooms and the landlady is very quick to fix anything that gets broken. All in all I’ve really enjoyed my time living here and would definitely recommend it."
- Findlay, 30 Houndiscombe Road

"Great house, extremely close to Plymouth University and only a short walk to Mutley Plain where there are several shops, pubs and places to eat. Close proximity to the train station and only a short walk through the uni to get to the city centre. Lovely landlords who are very efficient in fixing problems if and when they arise.”
- Emma, 30 Houndiscombe Road

"I lived in one of this landlord's properties for all of my 3 years whilst at university. I decided to live in it instead of student halls because of the huge price saving of £90 a week, but being such a big house it still felt like a halls experience. We lived about a 1 1/2 minute walk to uni which was great for lectures and walking home after nights out. Our landlord had a great balance of being involved when we needed, but not overinvolved. We were able to keep our belongings in the house over the summer when we went back to our homes. There was a big selection of different room sizes and prices available so we all found a room we liked. We were really fortunate to get along so well with each other and kept some housemates first to final year. We are all friends a year later and still meet up :D”
- Mary, 19 Sutherland Road

This is my second year living at 34-houndiscombe road, after the first year I made sure to find a group to live here again, being located only a couple minute walk from university, the supermarket and gym makes it the perfect home for convenience. The landlords are always available, reliable and professional, if there are any problems I know they will be sorted as soon as possible and providing cleaners every week keeps the whole house clean. I love the high celling’s throughout the house, my room is massive for the price, great value for money!!! Brand new bathrooms on the first and second floor also new sinks in the rooms. The living areas are also large, a huge lounge with dining table makes a great social environment, for drinks or revision sessions. The kitchen has lots of cupboard space with 2 ovens, sinks and large fridge-freezers, which is essential as our house often cooks and washes up at the same time. Over all a well maintained house which is great value for money in a nice neighbourhood. 2 minute walk from university, and a couple more for Aldi and the gym.”
- Thomas, 34 Houndiscombe Road

"Beautiful, well-furnished house that’s close to both the university and Mutley plain’s many shops and supermarkets. Appliances are kept up to date with punctual repairs when needed.”
- Dave, 30 Houndiscombe Road